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MOB: 07500068038 TEL: +44 (0)1492 546704


Our philosophy at Coastal Wanderer is to ensure you can immerse yourself in the great outdoors, to set in motion a personal voyage of discovery. This will be a journey that you can control, under expert guidance.

We will open your senses to wild places, foraged for food and experience a wealth of traditional skills. We will give you the knowledge on how to exist and enjoy outdoor living  without the clutter of modern day life.  Whether you are a complete novice or an old hand at bushcraft, Coastal Wanderer will give you new and enthralling experience which you can learn from, enjoy and  reflect on.

Hopefully, you will leave us with new found place in nature and a passion to know more about the great outdoors.

‘You’ll get some appreciation for the scale and beauty of the outdoors. When you walk into it, then you see it in a completely different way. You discover it in a much slower, more majestic sort of way.’

Bill Bryson