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Dave Phillips AKA Coastal Wanderer. The Coastal wanderer is a product of Dave Phillips lifetime passion for all things wild and being out there. Equally at home on the Coastline or in the Woods and fields, something has always drawn Dave back to the coastal areas. Leaving school Dave went to live in Switzerland where he trained as a chef.

As a trainee he got what other chefs did not like to do, walking the alpine meadows collecting the abundant wild herbage, preparing the local game and cleaning the local lake fish “Fera”. Seventh heaven and turning point on his outlook on what we eat. Back in the UK after a career in working kitchens Dave taught young Chefs culinary and wild food skills to. Extending his skill base he went back to school and gained advanced bushcraft awards became a member of the Institute of Outdoor Learning and launched Coastal wanderer as we know it today.

Coastal Wanderer firmly believes in and strives to providing you with a positive bushcraft experience, awakening your enthusiasm for the great outdoors.